I know you came here looking for the bottom line, how much is this going to cost me, but as I've mentioned before "If you don't trust your bookkeeper, who can you trust?" And how can you trust your bookkeeper if you don't know them first? I want to make sure we click before we even get started. After all a good bookkeeper is one that stay's with you the life of your business, shouldn't you know who your getting before you hand over your financials?   

 I like to sit down, (preferably over coffee) to see what you got going on, so I can accurately calculate the amount of hours it will take me to meet your business needs.  

Bookkeeping services I offer:

  • New Company Set Up
  • Current Company Review
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Deposits 
  • Customer account set up & A/R
  • Vendor account set up & A/P
  • Invoicing 
  • Financial Reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Job Costing, Budgeting) 
  • Quickbooks education


Quickbooks ProAdvisor

 Maybe your looking for someone to teach you Quickbooks?   You're in the right place, I do that too! I'm very patient and will come to you, if your within 15 miles of Murrieta. I also help my client remotely! What are the advantages and disadvantages to learning Quickbooks yourself?  


  • You always know how your business is doing because your the one entering the data. 
  • You can run reports anytime.
  • The long run expense is cut down.


  • It takes time, precious time, to enter data and keep up with the books.
  • More likely to make mistakes and sometime those mistakes are hard to find and finacially fatal.
  • Pay more upfront.

Each person is different and there is no saying how many hours it will take for you to learn Quickbooks well enough to do it on your own.