About Me

The Office

Someone once told me it takes a special kind of person to work behind a computer screen all day and he was right. I just can't get away from it, I'm drawn to the light. I love when things just click (pun intended) and I get something looking just right on a website or I figure out where a missing number is on a bank reconciliation. Speaking of, I won't rest till that number is found! I'm thorough (call it OCD) and that's good for you! The point is, I started this business because well I've spent a lot of time in other peoples offices and I know how to get it functioning smoothly. 


I'm a mom of three. Motherhood is humbling and hard. It teaches you qualities and skills like no other on-the-job training ever could. If anyone ever tells you being a stay at home mom isn't working, slap them, you have my permission. I'm a work at home mom and I can multi-task like no ones business; I'm  fun, easy-going and hard working.

I got skills

I've got years of skills, not ninja skills unfortunately but some impressive online skills none-the-less. Some of those skills are self taught, some I cracked the books (or in this day n' age I read a screen, but saying I cracked the screen isn't a good thing), some I took courses for and some were taught by on-the-job use. I'm a Jill of all trades and I'm trying to master a few. 

 I am a Quickbooks Online Ceritied ProAdvisor. What does that mean? In short, I took online courses provided by Quickbooks to learn the ins and outs of Quickbooks Online and then passed (on my first try might I add) a test to make sure I retained all that info. I've also been using Quickbooks Desktop for 15+ years and I keep up on my training! I never want to stop learning, which is great news for you.